Update: 14th March 2020

Professional psychology and counselling bodies in the UK have been issuing information to therapists like me who work in private practice about the continuing spread of coronavirus Covid-19 in the UK and around the world. I am posting this information to provide you with information in response to the guidance I have received. Please take time to read this carefully as it makes some important points about confidentiality.

For the latest on coronavirus Covid-19
I am advising people who are looking for information about the virus, to visit the NHS website (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/), where you will find the most up-to-date information, including what to do if you are worried you might have symptoms, advice for travellers and common questions. The GOV.UK website (https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response) also has up-to-date information about the situation in the UK.

Are face-to-face appointments going ahead?
I am still continuing to provide face-to-face appointments at my practice in Pimlico. However, you may chose to suspend your therapy sessions or have them by telephone or online instead. There may be times over the coming weeks when therapists and clients are unable to meet for therapy in person because either is in isolation and/or unwell. At our next meeting, I would like to explore this situation before it happens to discuss what therapeutic support is likely to be needed and how it can be delivered safely.

What if you develop symptoms?
Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms. Please see the NHS guidance on this: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

What if I develop symptoms or test positive?
If I develop symptoms of coronavirus it will also be necessary for me to stay at home and this may result in me having to cancel or re-arrange your appointment. In exceptional cirucmstances, it may be necessary to refer you to another professional for continuity of care. In the event that I test positive for coronavirus, I will inform you as soon as possible. Please be aware that as a therapist there are certain circumstances under which I am not able to keep information confidential. A therapist is required to break confidentiality for reasons of public interest in the area of public health. The NHS is undertaking contact tracing, which means an infected person will be interviewed about people they have been in contact with. The NHS will then contact them to provide support and testing. If I contract the virus I may be obliged to inform the NHS of people I’ve been in contact with. In this case, I may need to share your name and contact details BUT NOT the context in which you are known to me. However, you may be contacted by the NHS. This is something that we can discuss further at our next appointment.

Coronavirus anxiety – how to cope if you’re feeling anxious about the outbreak:
Should you have anxiety about the current outbreak of coronavirus, you can discuss this with me and explore your feelings about it in our sessions. The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) have put together some information to help people who may be feeling anxious about the virus. https://www.bacp.co.uk/news/news-from-bacp/2020/28-february-coronavirus-anxiety-how-to-cope-if-you-re-feeling-anxious-about-the-outbreak/

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