Project F.E.A.R.*

*face everything and recover!

Online support group for men

A space to talk openly and honestly about what’s up in our lives, at our own pace and in our time.

There’s no pressure to speak and we never tell each other what to do or how to be. Instead, we respectfully question and challenge one another to acknowledge who we’ve been and test-drive who we want to be, taking the best of ourselves back out into the world.

I am delighted to announce the launch of Project F.E.A.R. (face everything and recover) – a group for men to share whatever is on your mind, release some pressure, face your fears, and connect with others in a confidential and non-clinical space.

All of us experience anxiety, low mood, problems, and other pressures at some point in our lives. Men are all too often expected to ‘man up’, bottle things up, and carry on. This can be disastrous for our wellbeing. So Project F.E.A.R. is designed to be a confidential space for men to hang out, be heard, and get real. Dropping facades, we get authentic and talk about how we really feel.

It is a two-hour monthly men’s group that will run online because of the current COVID pandemic. It is NOT group therapy. Instead, it is a peer-led support group that will encourage you to talk about what really matters to you right now and encourage you to face your fears, whatever they may be, in order to overcome them. It is a chance to connect with other male friends at depth, beyond drink, drugs, sex, addictions, money, muscles and monkey-ing about and putting on a good show while feeling empty inside.

The group is open to men of all ages and backgrounds.  You must be 18 years or over though.

The format of the group will be as follows:

  • We start with two minutes silence, followed by brief introductions, including how you’re feeling at this moment. (You are under no pressure to share and can say “pass” at any time.)
  • From there, we may go into themes coming up in our introductions, or we may go somewhere else entirely – it depends on what the group wants. We end with another two minutes silence.
  • Each meeting will allow up to nine men per group – that way, each person has enough time to speak and it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

The group is FREE to attend.

If you want to change or improve yourself, your work, relationships, or want to figure out your passion or purpose in life, or just want to let off some steam and hang out at depth with other men, come join us.

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